About Us


We, the FlorianRoscheckTrio, also known as FloRoTrio, are a jazz band from Boulder, Colorado.

Most of the songs that we play are jazz standards, common songs every jazz lover knows. Through our unique instrumental setup of guitar, bass, and drums, we create a colorful, sociable, and traditional setting. Our sound is defined through frequent melodic and entertaining solos from all band members. We are also comfortable with providing a solid background for instrumental soloists.

“Keeping it real by playing genuine jazz standards.”

We are committed to “keeping it real by playing genuine jazz standards”. To us, “keeping it real” means creating an atmosphere of friendship and community. We invite listeners to enjoy our beautiful sound along conversations with their friends and making memories among their loved ones.

Band Members


Pat Z. – Guitar

Pat is an experienced guitar player who has come to jazz through a variety of musical adventures. A lead guitar player of a metal band in his early years, he has since expanded his musical repertoire to jazz standards. Pat’s technically intriguing solos and stellar comping performance bring unique color and expression to the FloRoTrio’s sound.

When Pat is not playing the guitar, you might find him climbing or skiing in Colorado’s mountains.

Jakob Edelstein – Drums

Jake is a seasoned drummer native to the state of New York. Since moving to Boulder, he has played in a variety of bands, serving styles from folk to reggae. The FloRoTrio is Jake’s prime jazz project. As an excellent listener and experienced semi-professional musician, he provides the solid foundation of the trio’s sound. If you live in Boulder, chances are good you have seen Jake performing in any of Boulder’s prime music spots.

Florian Roscheck – Bass

Flo does not only lend his name to the FloRoTrio, he also supplies the band with his original melodic bass guitar sound. Originally from Germany, Florian has played in rock bands, big bands, and even an acid jazz studio project.

Apart from connecting rhythm and melody in the trio’s sound, Florian is also responsible for the band’s marketing and visuals.